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Fun & Cool Features:

Speedwagon's Petz 5 UnMute Utility

Ever have that problem in your Petz5 game, where some of your puppies are "mute"? They don't make any sounds? Speedwagon's UnMute Utility for Petz5 takes care of that problem!

PetzA by Sherlock Software

The most fun I've had in Petz 5 is thanks to Sherlock Software's PetzA utility. You can change the age of your pet; change their gender; adjust their mood; even mate two pets of your choice. A fun and easy way to make litterz faster.

Download Help:

To download: Simply click one of the names in the list. When a box pops up on your screen that says "You have chosen to download...", click the option that says "Save to Disk". Then, choose a place on your computer to put the file.

Once the file has downloaded to the location you selected, double click on it. If you have WinZip or a similar program, it should open automatically.

Extract the file to your desktop. The file name should be a ".pet" file. (Example: Place the ".pet" file in your MyComputer\LocalDisk(C:)\ProgramFiles\UbiSoft\StudioMythos\Petz5\AdoptedPetz folder.

The next time you start the game, the pet(s) you downloaded will be there, ready to play! =D

What is a Tamsin?

What is a Tamsin? Technically, it's a Dali x Mutt mix. However, there are specific breed standards for them, so not all Dali x Mutt mixes are considered Tamsins. To see the breed standards for yourself, click the link below.

Tamsin breed standards by Starswept

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